How can the management system help me to manage and control?

What is a management system?


The term management system means “system for managing and controlling the organisation”.

In other words, the aim is to manage and control our organisation, i.e. manage the people who work for the company.

Once we have selected the standard, we look at the company through the chosen “glasses,” meaning that if we have selected ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard, we will look at our company through our “environmental glasses.” This makes it possible to determine how the activities in our company impact the environment and then we can manage this by setting objectives for reducing negative environmental impact or choosing to manage the activities through procedures that ensure we handle the environmental aspect optimally from the environmental perspective. For instance, we sort waste for recycling.


What do I do in order to manage and control the organisation?


We can of course manage and control the organisation in different ways, with varying amounts of success. We often associate management systems with thick folders full of documents which describe the things we do within our business. In our experience, folders full of documents do not control or manage anything particularly effectively. That said, we believe and find that if important activities are delegated to the right people, we have the opportunity to achieve the results we are striving for.  We believe that we need systems which help us to focus on the things that are important, set up targets and key indicators and aim for the results we want to achieve. We work with active aids, tools, which drive our management system towards the results we want. In turn, these results should make a positive contribution towards profitability.


So what benefits do I derive from managing and controlling the organisation?


The advantage of managing and controlling is that it allows you to perform the tasks that are important to your business in an efficient way. Efficiently managing and controlling tasks and activities, constantly following up targets and measuring key indicators gives us a business which has every chance of achieving profitability. We have more of an understanding of what is important to our customers, we monitor development and find it easier to deal with competition and how it affects us. Of course, all this can be achieved with a more passive system. But as a result, we will be less efficient and less capable of taking action. This often leads to onerous administration, and there is a clear risk of failing to see the wood for the trees, i.e. missing something obvious. So watch out for systems which control documents. It is not the documents that are to be controlled, but the activities or tasks which the documents describe and the people who have to perform these tasks.

With Clarendo as your partner, what you will get is a cost-effective management system, sustainable over time, which gets results.

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