TIM is our IT tool. After more than 15 years’ experience of management system implementation, Åsa felt there had to be a better way of controlling the organisation rather than by using documentation with written procedures. She also felt that customers themselves should own and run their management systems and not be dependent on a consultant who regularly updated documents and maintained the system.

TIM is an abbreviation for Tool to Improve Management System. TIM was born in 2009.

TIM has a number of features, including the following:

  • An IT tool in the form of a cloud service
  • TIM can be accessed from any computer as long as an Internet connection is available
  • You receive reminders by email
  • Easy to use – for everyone. No training required
  • Summarised schedules and to-do lists
  • Easy to delegate tasks and increase participation
  • Compliant with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SAM/AFS 2001:1, ISO 3834, EN 1090, ISO 27001, ISO 13485

With Clarendo as your partner, what you will get is a cost-effective management system, sustainable over time, which gets results.

If folders containing lots of enormous documents are your thing, please don’t contact us!

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