Now the work actually starts!

Clarendo’s project manager compiles a schedule and prepares each working meeting with an agenda. We hold working meetings with a view to working efficiently and minimising the work you have to do between meetings. The project manager works on the basis of a checklist. We take any existing procedures and working methods which are efficient and add them to our TIM IT tool. We look at activities which you do not have and prepare them together. The project manager provides tips and advice on how these activities could be structured in order to function efficiently and achieve the results you are expecting. Agreed tasks are added to a to-do list and implemented according to a common schedule. We then follow up on these tasks at the next meeting and review new ones. The staff and management system officer learn how to use TIM as the project progresses. No special training is required as TIM is user-friendly and intuitive. We carry out regular checks on the progress of the project and work out whether there is anything we need to change. We look at the project expectations that we formulated during the initial phase when we reach the halfway point of the project and follow these up.

For a successful project, the following elements are important during this phase:

  • we have to maintain constant communication in respect of culture, values and how you operate with regard to changes
  • we have to stick to agreed schedules
  • the project manager has to run the project in its entirety

With Clarendo as your partner, what you will get is a cost-effective management system, sustainable over time, which gets results.

If folders containing lots of enormous documents are your thing, please don’t contact us!

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