ISO 22301

Continuity management system. This is a certifiable standard for continuity planning. It is intended for companies and organisations of all sizes, from sole traders to medium-sized enterprises and major corporations. Companies with accredited certification to ISO 22301 can show authorities, customers and potential customers that they have undertaken measures and have plans for dealing with the risks relating to the continuity of the organisation, and that they can continue to operate and return to business as usual as quickly as possible following an incident. ISO 22301 certification also gives the organisation’s senior management external assurance that continuity risks have been fully acknowledged and dealt with.

  • Identify risks for the introduction of the management system and set clear targets and criteria which can be used to measure its performance
  • Implement an impact assessment for your business in order to understand how it would be affected by disruptions and how this changes over time
  • Understand the risks to your business in a structured manner in order to provide information on the development of the continuity strategy
  • Undertake appropriate measures to avoid or minimise the risk of incidents and anything which will be needed when incidents occur
  • Prioritise personal safety, make sure that external parties that may be affected have relevant information communicated to them
  • Define an incident management structure which includes roles, responsibilities and an escalation route
    Create incident management and continuity plans which are appropriate for the organisation, no matter how big or small it is
  • Decide what is to be done when the initial emergencies have been dealt with
  • Compile a training programme in order to develop and test the capacity of individuals and teams, contingency resources and communication channels
  • Non-conformance management
  • Internal audit
  • Management review for analysis and decisions
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