ISO 31000

This is the international risk management standard. It provides extensive principles and guidelines to assist companies and organisations with their risk analyses and risk assessments. Any company can benefit from ISO 31000 – government organisations, or private enterprises of any size – because it is applicable to most businesses and includes planning, crisis management initiatives and communication processes. Organisations deal with risks to a certain extent, but this standard defines best practice and recommendations for development and to improve techniques in order to guarantee safety and security in the workplace around the clock.

Implementing the principles and guidelines for ISO 31000 within your organisation will enable you to improve the efficiency of your business, control and the trust of stakeholders, while at the same time keeping losses to a minimum. This international standard can also help you to enhance safety and create a strong foundation for decision-making and promotion of active risk management in all areas.

  • Proactively improve operational efficiency and control
  • Build up trust in the organisation’s risk management among stakeholders
  • Apply measures in the management system for controlled risk analysis in order to minimise losses in the event of incidents
  • Improve the performance and strength of the management systems.
  • Effectively protect the business when changes are made as it grows
  • Used as a risk analysis in ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and in imminent new versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
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