What results can I expect to see?

Always expect the best!!


The result will be increased profitability. Increased profitability will be achieved through higher revenues and/or reduced costs. We must work with both parameters in parallel in our management system. Sounds good? Okay, we have to concentrate on the activities which increase revenues and reduce costs, not the money itself. Revenues and costs are the result of activities, and in our management system we have to work with activities which affect revenues and costs.


Quality breeds profitability.


The standard which most obviously works with activities affecting revenues and costs is ISO 9001, which is why we always recommend that companies should start with this one. Costs in connection with implementation and certification can most easily be recouped with ISO 9001. Over time, you will learn views and approaches which will allow you to make your management system efficient. You will then find it easy to introduce and add more standards in other fields as the principle is the same, i.e. managing and controlling the organisation.


Increased revenues and reduced costs.


So which activities lead to increased revenues and reduced costs? These may include happier customers, more profitable customers, greater delivery reliability, fewer stoppages, good suppliers, good machine maintenance, happier staff, reduced energy consumption, fewer incidents, etc. We could go on adding to the list. The important thing is for you to identify the potential for increased revenues and where costs and quality defects can be found within the organisation. We then have to set targets for these and start measuring – so heralding the start of an efficient management system and greater profitability! Does that seem reasonable?

If you have a management system which is not getting results – or not getting the required results – your management system is focusing on the wrong things. But don’t despair – you’re far from alone! Thick folders that describe the things we already know don’t tell us much.

In our view, a management system which fails to achieve results or fails to effectively control and manage the organisation is not really a management system at all.

With Clarendo as your partner, what you will get is a cost-effective management system, sustainable over time, which gets results.

If folders containing lots of enormous documents are your thing, please don’t contact us!

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