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Here you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions
about Clarendo, TIM and ISO.



How do I hire your services?

Do you want to implement an efficient and sustainable management system to your business? Then you can reach out to us through the contact form here on this page, or call us at +46 40 53 53 01. We’ll have a talk about what you’re looking for and continue based on that.

Can you really guarantee that I will be certified?

Yes, we guarantee that you will get a certificate. We can do this based on 20 years of experience where we haven’t failed a single time. Since we design your management system based on what is the best for your organization, and will take you through the whole process, you can rest assured that you will have the right conditions to receive your certificate.

Who is TIM?

TIM (Tool to Improve Management system) is our IT-tool, which will be your assistant in the work with your management system. TIM contains all the standard requirements and helps you keep track of what needs to be done in your organization.

Can we move our current management system to TIM?

Yes! TIM works very well both for those who want a brand new management system and for those who want to get rid of their old binders and convert to a more efficient, activity-based solution.

Does TIM fit my company?

We work with companies that want an IT-tool for their management system. They want support and expertise when it comes to interpreting requirements in standards.

Is it safe to use TIM?

Yes, Clarendo is certified according to the standard ISO 27001, the management system for information security.

Do we need to hire a consultant?

No – when you work with us, you have the whole PDCA-cycle built directly into TIM. We help you get started with TIM and your management system and after that you are equipped with the tools to run everything on your own, without a consultant.

Do we need to know the standard?

No, the interpretation of the standard has been built into TIM.

Do we need to decide on a project manager for the work with ISO?

No, a digital project manager will lead your implementation project from start until certification.

What support can we expect from Clarendo over time?

Technical support, expertise as well as upgrades in connection to new releases of the standard.

Do we need to take any course when there are new releases of the standard?

No, the interpretation and adaptation to new releases are automatically added to TIM.

Can we get help with deviations that are reported during audits?

Yes, we are experts on interpreting standards.

Can we get help with internal audits?

Yes, we offer internal audits as service.

Is the company’s information secure in your system?

Yes, we are certified in ISO 27001 which means we live up to requirements regarding the treatment of our clients’ information.

How do you meet the GDPR requirements?

We use TIM to manage this. TIM makes sure we follow through on regular updates of personal data and other regular activities.

Can you help us reach out to certification bodies and during external audits?

Yes. Our digital project manager will help you with price quotes, comparisons and make recommendations.

Can we be sure that no one unauthorized can access our information?

Yes, the development of TIM is done according to the OWASP-method.

Do you make updates on TIM?

Yes, we use agile methods, which means we have a continuous development.

Do we need to do a GAP-analysis?

No. TIM contains an interpretation of all the standard requirements that you need to follow – all you need to keep track of is integrated into your IT-tool.

Do I need to buy the standard?

No, you don’t need to buy the standard if you work with us. The requirements are already built into TIM. If you still would like to buy the standard, you can do it at

What is an ISO-standard?

An ISO-standard is a collection of requirements that an organization and its management system needs to fulfill in order to be certified. A certification is proof that the management system is approved according to the standard.

Can we implement more than one standard?

Yes, it works very well to combine several standards with different focus, such as quality, environment and work environment.

How do you manage your clients’ personal data in your system?

Click here to read more about Clarendo’s privacy policy.

What makes TIM different from other IT-tools and methods for management systems on the market?

Click here to read more about what makes TIM different from other tools.

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