Let go of the frustration caused
by unread documents!

TIM is a service that efficiently drives your management system forward, without endless written procedures and complex flowcharts that nobody understands.

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TIM is the assistant that leads your management system towards success

Built in ISO-expertise

The requirements of the ISO-standard are already interpreted and installed in TIM.


A digital project manager guides you all the way to your certificate.

PDCA - for real

Activities are planned, delegated, executed and evaluated according to your deadlines.

Focus on value

Forget about piles of dcuments that nobody reads!

  • Focus on what is important and really contributes to the success of your business.
  • Adapt your tool to fit the management needs of your business.
  • Simple evaluations with clear results.
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Delegating responsibilities and simple evaluations

Management that makes your job effective!

  • All tasks are given an assignee and a deadline.
  • The assignee receives a reminder and can follow clear instructions to what needs to be done.
  • The manager remains in full control over their department.
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The management system is owned by the company

The management system leads and directs the organization in a sustainable way!

  • The organization changes without compromising the quality levels.
  • Members of staff come and go without leaving any tasks unattended.
  • The management system lives on even if the quality manager or consultant leaves.
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