We are passionate about management systems
that achieve results.

We are Clarendo

Our vision is to save the world with management systems that achieve results.

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully implemented management systems for a long list of different companies according to various standards. On the strength of this longstanding experience, we have developed IT support for corporate management systems that minimise administration, focus on what’s important and achieve results. We work according to the tried and true Clarendo Method. Clarendo’s management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We guarantee our work – always.

Elektroproduktion AB, Löddeköpinge -

Elektroproduktion AB, Löddeköpinge

"With the help from Clarendo we have built up a good structure for planning in the IT-tool TIM and been able to abandon the passé documentation structure. We possess more focus on what's important and gives positive effects on the company. Clarendo has furthermore made it more fun to work with ISO. They have great engagements and a positive and helpful attitude."
Niklas Larsson – CEO

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Lamaro AB, Åstorp -

Lamaro AB, Åstorp

"Clarendo has the ability to defuse ISO. They make us comprehend and do it easy. We all follow one mechanics and work more homogenous now. Our customers receive equal treatment every time. We are proud that this project has been carried out and that it has led to an increased self-confidence. We have "grown a backbone". To have Clarendo as a collaborator one feel safe and secure."
Roberth Sjöbergh – CEO

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Damstahl AB, Malmö -

Damstahl AB, Malmö

"We had a heavy and boring management system before we met Clarendo. With their help we have now digitalized it and are instead working in an IT- tool that creates a value for us. "Simple is beautiful". It's more self-propelled, nothing falls through the cracks, things work smoothly and runs faster and better. The management system has become more effective. We can warmly recommend Clarendo as a collaborator."
Peter Sjödahl – CEO

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