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With TIM, the management team can focus on leading and directing its organization. They are able to delegate tasks which are critical to the company without giving up any control.

Focus on what is important.

Forget about heavy binders, URL-links that lead nowhere and endless scrolling through document trees.

TIM will remind you of critical tasks, support you through decisions and make sure that they are followed through.

Save time and money on seminars and consultants.

Do you feel like all you do is hire consultants and send your employees on ISO-courses?

TIM has a built-in ISO-expert and is automatically updated with new functions according to new versions of the standards.

The management system is owned by the management team.

Are you in trouble every time an ISO-leader leaves their position?

TIM is your assistant, a steady platform for the company board and will remain independent of the rest of the staff.

How is TIM unique?

Compare TIM to other methods

Function Clarendo's TIM Other IT-tools
Built-in functions that are already interpreted after the standard’s principles.
Digital project manager that leads the implementation remotely.
10 different roles with varying access to the modules.
Functions that are developed specifically for corporate groups and companies with several geographic locations.
A function which will make sure that nothing is left unattended when employees leave or switch positions.
Meets the requirements for information security.
Automatic updates in connection with new releases of the standards.
All standards on one platform.
All functions in the same system, no modular structure.
Log-ins for auditors when they prepare audits and write reports.
Meets the requirements for GDPR.
Flexibility in adapting the system to your own business.
Available in both Swedish and English.
We practice what we preach – we use TIM for our own management system.
Project management functions.
Clarendo’s own management system is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

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