We have more than 20 years experience in building management systems.

We guarantee that you will be certified, so you can safely leave the responsibility of building and sustaining your management system to us.


ISO 9001
Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is the standard for quality. According to the requirements in this standard, you will make sure that your clients receive what they order, in regards to performance levels, time, cost and contents.

With a certificate in ISO 9001, you will work systematically. This begins with a look at the company’s vision and its current situation. Based on this, you can create the perfect conditions and procedures for future operations.

ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental issues. By implementing ISO 14001 into your business, you will gain an environmental perspective and focus on the activities that you perform which have an effect on the environment.

With ISO 14001 you will focus on activities such as reduced energy- and fuel consumption, waste management and a safe use of chemicals. The certificate will be a proof that your company is taking responsibility for its effect on the surrounding environment.

ISO 45001
Work Environmental Management System

ISO 45001 is the standard for work environment. In this standard we look closer at the risks in the work environment which are connected to your business, including physical and psychosocial factors, and plan for measures that can be taken to minimize these risks.

By working in the systematic way that the standard requires, you can be sure that your company provides a safe work environment for your employees.

ISO 27001
Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security. With ISO 27001, you will take precautions to minimize the risks of infringements on your classified data as well as threats towards the information of your company and your stakeholders.

With a certificate in ISO 27001, your company and your stakeholders can be certain that your information is securely stored and doesn’t risk falling into the wrong hands.

ISO creates conditions for longterm success!

ISO will give your company more and better opportunities to find new clients and strengthen the trust with your current ones.

In order to keep a certificate, for example ISO 14001, you need to pass an audit held by a certification body.

This means that an auditor, who knows the standard well and who is approved for the SNI-code that your business belongs to, has reviewed your organization.

There are more than 15 certification bodies in Sweden, both big and small, of which some are international. To get started, you reach out to the certification body and ask for a price quote.

So what should you think about if you want to get certified?

We recommend looking at several price quotes since they are often different in terms of charge, time and yearly costs.

The most important thing is that the auditor who visits your company lives up to the crucial requirements – they should have expertise in how the standard can be applied on company such as your own, should show curiousity and demonstrate pedagogical and analytical skills.

It’s also a plus if the auditor is open for different ways of applying the standard.

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