Let TIM lead your management system towards success!

TIM is a unique IT-tool that is designed for management systems. With TIM, your management system does exactly what it is supposed to do – it manages your organization.

Who is TIM?

TIM stands for ”Tool to Improve Management System” – which is also what TIM is and does.

TIM consists of a built-in ISO expert. Clarendo are experts on interpreting the requirements in ISO-standards and have built them into TIM in the shape of modules and functions. A digital project manager in TIM directs the implementation project remotely with you as a client, from start all the way to certification. We customize the house with modules so that you can move in!

TIM will follow the development of your company over time. TIM is your assistant and gives you an overview, keeps track of your tasks, sends out reminders and manages your organization when it comes to new employees or subsidiaries.

No tasks are left unattended. Even if the ”ISO-manager” leaves, TIM will remain steadily and continue as usual. The tasks are already delegated in the system and it will be easy to introduce the new person in charge to your management system.

Benefits of TIM

Built-in ISO-expert

The demands in the ISO-standard are built into TIM in the shape of modules, structures, functions and systematicity.

PDCA – for real!

Planning, delegations to an assignee, reminders, execution and evaluations will help you make sure you get a proper management system that follows the evolution of your company.

Auditor logins

The external- and internal auditors are given access to the system during a limited time and authoritization, which means you won’t have to worry about sending them documents, folders and other material ahead of time.

Digital project manager

The digital project manager directs the implementation of the standard, from start all the way to your certificate. We guarantee that you will pass your audit and receive a certificate.

Roles for your team

Roles are distributed easily and can be adapted to your organization so that the tasks are assigned to the person with the right authoritization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TIM?

TIM (Tool to Improve Management system) is our IT-tool, which will be your assistant in the work with your management system. TIM contains all the standard requirements and helps you keep track of what needs to be done in your organization.

Is it safe to use TIM?

Yes, Clarendo is certified according to the standard ISO 27001, the management system for information security.

Does TIM fit my company?

We work with companies that want an IT-tool for their management system. They want support and expertise when it comes to interpreting requirements in standards.

Can we move our current management system to TIM?

Yes! TIM works very well both for those who want a brand new management system and for those who want to get rid of their old binders and convert to a more efficient, activity-based solution.

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