How TIM works for members of staff

TIM creates security for members of staff through clear instructions and a strong aiming point.

  • Tasks with clear instructions and reminders before due date. 

When employees log into TIM, they immediately get an overview of what needs to be done and when. No endless procedure descriptions that nobody reads – all instructions are clearly communicated in the shape of activities. Straightforward communication helps build a sense of security through clear expectations and reminders which make sure nothing is left unattended.

  • Simple overviews and transparency in business operations. 

Employees can simply access important information about the company such as goals, policies, decisions and measures. By accessing information about procedures and ongoing projects, employees gain an insight into where the business is heading, which helps build commitment levels in the company.

  • Efficient management of deviations and issues in daily operations. 

All users in TIM can submit any deviations in the daily operations that they discover. Once the report has been sent to the person in change, the employee can follow its status and see what countermeasures and decision the deviation leads to.

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